CX Engagement Specialist (Community Manager)

- Heavy user of Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram.

- Two years of experience as CM with major brands.

- Intermediate English level.

- Good writing and spelling.

- Experience in the management/upload of articles for website platforms (not excluding)

Envision a modern space to work closely with your client and your team on a level playing ground in a highly creative environment. Join the team and exciting and supportive environment to control and manage all the brand’s channels, as well as

conversation and interaction with the fans.

A high performance center dedicated to monitoring and listening, intelligence and communicating content in real time!

We are looking for a professional in customer service, preferably with expertise in social media and passionate about teamwork.

You will be responsible to offer an exclusive service to the clients and consumers and, by your side, a client with high standards that is an in love with positivity, creativity and results.

Mission & Purpose:

Provide professional, courteous and fast support for customers, in contact with other departments to provide two-way communication on consumer issues.


- Publish all the content provided by the team in the defined website

- Publish and moderate (respond / hide / report cases to the corresponding area) all the content provided by the team in the defined social media channels.

- Coordinate with the media agency the implementation of advertising guidelines in the contents published in the social media.

- Participate in all team meetings with the objective of reporting the performance of the communication in social media and giving input on the proposed content.

- Management of crisis alerts received directly in the social media channels of the brand, tracking them and action proposal.

-Realization of monthly quantitative and qualitative reports of the performance in the social media.

- Web monitoring in search of conversations about the company, brands, competitors and other topics of interest.

- RTM event coverage

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